Shipping To EU Countries

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As a UK business, shipping to EU countries has had its challenges since the UK left the European Union.

We now have two simple and transparent shipping methods to the EU.

The methods differ as follows:

1) Purchasing as an individual or, 2) Purchasing as a business.

See the table below for details of both shipping methods:


Orders to EU countries from private individuals are now shipped DDP (Delivered Duty Paid).

Shipping DDP means all taxes including clearance and VAT are paid before the order has been shipped. Orders from EU countries to private individuals are charged their countries standard VAT rate. This is paid directly to the government of the purchasers country as the VAT payment. Shipping DDP results in:

You will know the total price of your purchase before it has been shipped. No further charges will be incurred in your country.

Shipping “DDP” also results in a faster shipping time as admin is largely eliminated.

If you are ordering on behalf of a business that does not have a VAT or EORI number, we recommend you order as an indvidual.


For EU orders from a business, please ensure you enter your VAT number in the first field of the shipping page (see screen shot below).

When a valid EU VAT number has been entered, no taxes at the point of the online transaction are charged.

Our shipper will then charge the VAT and a small clearance fee when the goods have entered the intended country. Businesses will then be able to claim the VAT back as normal on their tax return.

Please note that if you DO NOT enter your VAT number, our online system will charge VAT and your order will be shipped DDP (Delivered Duty Paid). In this scenario, you will NOT be able to claim the VAT back from your order.