Marrutt Inkjet Ready Greeting Cards

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Marrutt Inkjet Ready Greeting Cards

Turn your photos into greeting cards with ease! Use your printer and our pre-scored professional quality heavyweight inkjet papers to create stunning custom-made cards that you can share with friends and family or use as part of your promotional activities.

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Now a choice of five inkjet papers in a range of thickness and finishes. They each provide exceptional image quality and sharpness and hold a perfect crease/fold line allowing you to create sturdy and attractive custom cards. All cards are compatible with dye & pigment inks and can be used with any Epson, Canon and Hewlett Packard inkjet printer.


Typically a card will cost you less than 50p including paper, ink, and envelope!


See below for the eight popular card sizes with the templates and printing diagrams free to download. All cards can be mechanically pre-scored for easy and professional looking folds at no extra charge.

Greeting Card Resources

Click a size tab below for the relevant folding templates and printing diagram:

A5 Side Fold Template

A5 Tent Fold Template

A5 Printing/Fold Diagram

Folding Guide & Video

How to Correctly Fold your Cards - Best Practices

Folding A Pre-Scored Card

The score in a card has stretched the fibres in the paper, making the card easier to accurately fold.

Your received scored card will have a raised line on one side and an indented line or “valley” on the other as the image shows.

To correctly fold the card, fold into the raised line and align the edges for a neat and symmetrical fold.

The short video below demonstrates how to correctly fold a card.

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