Inkjet Printing with Genuine Pixels

Release Date: Autumn 2018: Use virtually every camera sensor pixel from your high megapixel digital camera. View our free video course below and scroll down a little further for the print size / resolution spreadsheet:

1) Introduction:

2) Film Negative vs Camera Sensor Pixels:

3) No Full Frame DSLR? Does This Still Affect Me?

4) What Do The Experts Say?

5) A3 Print Comparisons

6) A4 Print Comparisons

7) 5" x 7" Print Comparisons

8) 50MP Worked Examples

9) 36MP Worked Examples

10) 24MP Worked Examples

11) FAQs

12) Conclusion Pt. 1

12) Conclusion Pt. 2


View And Download The Spreadsheet Below

John Read CV

Trained in the 70s as Senior Electronics Officer with Cunard Steamship Co.  Worked on early Decca solid-state collision avoidance radar, an early application of computer control of pixels.  Responsible for electronics systems found on cargo and container ships of that era.  Design and manufacture of darkroom equipment with Marrutt until the late 80s, thereafter assisting Lyson with the development and marketing of professional photographic monochrome and colour inksets.  Overseeing the creation of high-end photographic inkjet inks, papers and presentation products for the Marrutt Digital brand. Author and presenter of YouTube video series: ‘Inkjet Printing Masterclass’ and ‘Marrutt YouTube Channel’
Interests: Sailing, Photography, Physics and Family.

Download the spreadsheet below, providing the correct document resolution to suit your camera megapixels and size and inkjet print.