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Inkjet Printing Articles

With over 25 years of inkjet printing experience, we aim to save you money, improve your print quality and provide education with technical support to enable you to maintain consistency and reliability.

See below our range of inkjet printing articles we help will improve your workflows from initial image capture to final print …

Colour Inkjet Printing in 3 Steps

How to create great professional quality colour inkjet prints – the kit you need, colour management basics and image editing do’s and dont’s.

Inkjet Printing Darkroom Style

Professional Photographers, Camera Club members, Photographic enthusiasts might like to consider the following proposal; that we all adopt a NEW self-discipline!

Inkjet Printing
Tips & Tricks

Topics covered: scanning, using mini test prints, b&w printing, gaining accurate colour and print longevity. Possibly change and improve your daily workflows …

Inkjet Printing

Includes answered questions on the types of ink, printer comparisons, common printer faults, toning images, profiling, monitors, metamerism, and more..

Creating Panoramics

How to create panoramic prints by expert Cliff Carter.

Colour Management

Monitor, printer profiling and various issues discussed …

Fade Resistance

Fade resistance tests, guarantees, discoloration and more useful info …

Print Storage

Recommendations on drying times, how to store your prints and more.

Debunking the Myths of Digital Inks

Lots of inkjet theory, dye vs pigment, bulk feed and more in this detailed article

The Marrutt Challenge

A quality check for all inkjet printers. A simple test to confirm that your printer is accurate for colour, density and neutrality.

Get the full size JPEG with eleven elements of print quality for you to check your prints.